Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Corey Bishop, better known as Bishop; is filled with a determination only created by that of the concrete jungle. Filmmaking became a passion of Bishop’s from the very first moment he walked onto set. A new path was chosen, illuminated by the environment of lights and cameras.  It wasn’t long before he  became determined to create his own production company so that he may share his visions with the world.
Bishop has a great range of experience and has enjoyed a variety of production positions such as Editor, Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Producer and even Script Writer but his skill level and passion for directing is where you will see him truly illuminate with flair and precise passion. Bishop has worked on everything from music videos, feature films, television shows, webseries, promotional commercials; he has done it all. 
Over the years, Bishop has had the opportunity to work with some of entertainment’s biggest stars and celebrities.  Music icons such as Michael Jackson, Bel Biv Devoe, Sex Pistols and Actors, Peter Green, Kyra Sedgwick, and Clifton Powell to name a few.  He has continued to work as an editor, camera person and director creating promotional packages and commercials networks such as ABC, NBC, T.V. Guide Channel, Fox, Showtime, HBO and TNT to sustain his place in entertainment. However, Bishop’s true passion lies behind the lens in the Director’s chair. Fortunately, this is where he has found himself over the last ten years.
In 2008, Bishop’s dream of creating an entertainment production company was fulfilled with the birth of, B.E.G. (Bishop Entertainment Group). B.E.G. is pushing through the feature film and television genre with new and creative titles from the mind of Bishop.  Since then, Bishop’s projects have received several awards in numerous categories. 
These awards have only ignited a brush fire under Bishop and he is hitting the ground running in 2021. Bishop, is constantly working and evolving his brand to include feature films, television programs, commercials and other personal projects.

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